I've always had a bit of a personal vendetta with gingham, I think this goes back to when I was at school and my mum would go out for the yearly school summer dress shop and come back with a puffy beast of a dress, yes mum, I will never forget, but you are forgiven.

After a long hate fuelled relationship with gingham, we've come to a resolve. It's taken a lot of searching to find a piece that didn't make me want to curl in to a ball, often when I was trying on gingham print I'd be in fitting room wondering when in the past 2 hours I managed to put on 10 pounds "Jesus, I really shouldn't have had that 5th tapas dish..". Of course this wasn't actually the case, there was just some styles that REALLY did not suit me. I'm keen to hear whether anyone else has had the same issue with gingham as it really did take a lot of trial and error to find a piece that was genuinely flattering!

This dress ticked every single box for me, the bow on the back is so sweet and the button down front was definitely pulling at my heart strings. Of course there was no other bag to pair it with than a classic straw design, this particular one was from a charity shop near me (never underestimate the bargains you can find at your local charity shops ! ) but they've absolutely flooded the high street stores so I'm sure you can find one to take your fancy, I've linked some of my favourites below. 

I was so torn between pairing this with white trainers or mules, it's such a versatile piece, layering with a tee is also such a cute option & if you're wanting to go a little more edgy with it, rock a leather jacket over the top with some statement earrings. I could ramble on about styling options for this dress for days, it's so re-wearable, definitely a new "keeper" in my wardrobe. 

It's safe to say I'm over my gingham grudge and if any of you have the same fears I had then hopefully this has given you a little inspo to dive in head first, you can shop the look below and I've thrown in some pieces that could look insane to style it with. 




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