too thick, too thin

body criticisms, can we just leave these with the rest of the blunders that happened in 2016; yep Donald I'm not your fan darling and you need to stay in 2016 too. I'm so fed up with seeing successful, inspiring people, wait no scrap that..seeing ANYONE being slammed for their body.

to those who have commented on others bodies in a negative manner, I have one question...

what damn business is it of yours?



getting the perfect flatlay

Flatlays have probably been the thing I've found most difficult to master, it takes to time to find the perfect composition and every time will be different depending on what you're using as the main feature in your shot. I definitely think that having one or two pieces that you want to be the focal point is the best way to start, that way you can start building up with 'filler items' afterwards (filler items are just small bits a pieces, like jewellery that will be complimentary to the composition).

tip  :  if you're looking for affordable but pretty and basic jewellery, head to H&M as they always have a tonne of great pieces. 



Starting out in blogging 101 - Top Tips

There is no guide to how to be successful in the blogging world, mainly because it's such a diverse world and there is so many different aspects that you can find your niche in. I've dabbled in and out of blogging & youtube for years, but for the first time I'm feeling like I'm just doing me and I'm L O V I N G it, so I thought I'd share some thoughts I have on starting out in the blogging buisness, like I said, I don't think there is anything that defines how to be successful but I do feel there is key factors that help to make your mark and stay on top of your game....



metallic notes

If you follow me on the gram you'll know that my metallic loving has a gone a little overboard, WHO CARES, I LOVE IT. If there was ever a time of the year for bringing all the shimmer and sparkle, it's now, and so I'm breaking out every metallic piece in my wardrobe, and obviously adding a few along the way, thanks Zara for supporting my obsession, always got a girls back. I used to think metallic pieces were for the dressier occasions only...how wrong was I.

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