too thick, too thin

body criticisms, can we just leave these with the rest of the blunders that happened in 2016; yep Donald I'm not your fan darling and you need to stay in 2016 too. I'm so fed up with seeing successful, inspiring people, wait no scrap that..seeing ANYONE being slammed for their body.

to those who have commented on others bodies in a negative manner, I have one question...

what damn business is it of yours?



getting the perfect flatlay

Flatlays have probably been the thing I've found most difficult to master, it takes to time to find the perfect composition and every time will be different depending on what you're using as the main feature in your shot. I definitely think that having one or two pieces that you want to be the focal point is the best way to start, that way you can start building up with 'filler items' afterwards (filler items are just small bits a pieces, like jewellery that will be complimentary to the composition).

tip  :  if you're looking for affordable but pretty and basic jewellery, head to H&M as they always have a tonne of great pieces. 



Starting out in blogging 101 - Top Tips

There is no guide to how to be successful in the blogging world, mainly because it's such a diverse world and there is so many different aspects that you can find your niche in. I've dabbled in and out of blogging & youtube for years, but for the first time I'm feeling like I'm just doing me and I'm L O V I N G it, so I thought I'd share some thoughts I have on starting out in the blogging buisness, like I said, I don't think there is anything that defines how to be successful but I do feel there is key factors that help to make your mark and stay on top of your game....



metallic notes

If you follow me on the gram you'll know that my metallic loving has a gone a little overboard, WHO CARES, I LOVE IT. If there was ever a time of the year for bringing all the shimmer and sparkle, it's now, and so I'm breaking out every metallic piece in my wardrobe, and obviously adding a few along the way, thanks Zara for supporting my obsession, always got a girls back. I used to think metallic pieces were for the dressier occasions only...how wrong was I.



you better work

If you want something in life, you have to work for it.
You won't wake up with your dreams sewn in to your sheets.

I had a little Sunday rant over on my twitter yesterday about going after what you want and realised I had a fair bit more to say on the matter, well at least enough that it wasn't going to fit in to the character limit on Twitter (find me here). One of the things that really grates on me when it comes to people working toward their goals is that I see a lot of people relating success in areas of others lives to luck, I don't believe in luck. I believe in good timing and bad timing, but I think luck is a load of bull. It really frustrates me to see people commenting on others success' and saying 'they're so lucky', they aren't lucky; the probability that they have busted their ass to get to where they are, is highly likely, and so to say someone is simply lucky, is to discredit that entirely.



waving goodbye to your number one enemy

comparison, the want to be more like someone else, to do/to have something someone else has, it can push people to to self destruction.



Autumnal Lipstick Crushes

I'm definitely a lipstick gal, they probably take up 75% of my make up colection and I'll be the first to admit it's getting a little out of hand, but there's nothing like a lipstick to take you from feeling 'alright' to 'damn fabulous'. The majority of people seem to opt for the berry shades this time of year, whilst I love that look on others, I'm not such a fan of it on me unless I'm really committing to a vampy look and so my go to's for this time of year are the more pumpkin, rust and nudes, which also works well if you're looking for something a little softer but still autumnal.



transitional pieces A/W

With summer finishing a lot later than usual this year, my winter wardrobe is looking a bit sparse. So taking summer pieces and layering them up has been an absolute must for me over the past few weeks, like for real, winter appeared over night, there was no time for faux fur coat shopping. I only shot this outfit a couple of weeks back when the temp started to drop so it's for sure not as layered as I would recommend now! To layer it up a little more I'd dress it with a polo neck underneath and then throw another chunky knit over the top, or throw a heavy weight jacket over your shoulders for an easy off duty look.



Finding your fashion feet

The fashion world as a whole is super intimidating, the first time I picked up Vogue and started flicking through the pages my immediate thoughts were 'oh my god, I know nothing about fashion'. I'd been interested in fashion and illustrating for quite a few years at this point; but there is so much you have to learn, I truly don't think there is anyone in fashion that can say they know every in and out, every designer and trend that's even been, okay so maybe Anna Wintour or Karl but they're at the top of their game so surely that's to be expected. 




If you don't already know, today is #MentalHealthDay, I've seen so many people posting their inspiring stories and advice all over the internet and it reminded me that not everyone has the strength and confidence to be able to openly say they're suffering with a mental health issue. That presses the question of why?



Trend : Oversized Cuffs and Sleeves

Embellishment, flares and oversized details, just a few of the trends that have emerged over the past few months on the fashion scene. One that has caught my eye (and filled my wardrobe) has been the exaggerated cuffs and sleeves that have been worked in to designs up and down the high street. Zara has been my absolute go to for finding those statement sleeves, its a great way of taking a smart look and giving it an edge, smart yet chic, the ultimate shirt update.




The sports luxe vibe has continued to grow and evolve within the fashion industry over the past few seasons, Adidas has been at the forefront of this revolution, with fresh designs and the use of unique techniques and fabrics, they've stayed at the top of the game. I headed down to Shoreditch last week for the ASOS X Adidas NMD event after being invited by the lovely team over at ASOS. I've never been one to rock the sporty vibe when it comes to throwing together my outfit but the sports luxe trend that has made and is continuing to make such a statement in the industry has definitely grown on me. 



L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro / Edit Two

Taking your hair from one style to another can be enough of a struggle in itself, if you have super straight hair naturally (sleek straight style here) then like myself, you'll find maintaining curls can be such a hassle.



L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro / EDIT ONE

I'm all for trying new hair styles, I'm forever screenshotting and pinning hair styles that I want to try but obviously never actually get round to. I got my hands on the L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro range and figured this would be a THE best time to get my life together and pull together a few looks that I'd wanted to do for an age.



learning to be happy in your own skin

Starting this post of a little differently to normal, I recently really got in to watching KUWTK, like seriously addicted now. Prior to watching it I had the general opinion that they were just a fame hungry family, willing to do whatever they had to do in order to say stay in the media's eye. Needless to say since watching the series, my opinion has changed, drastically.



Tropical Vibes X ASOS WHITE

The weather in this country is as about as stable is Kim K losing her diamond earring in the ocean, so when the temperature reaches 20 degrees the entire population dresses as though they're about to step off the plane in Hawaii even though by the end of the day it'll be pouring with rain and we'll be Netflix bingeing with endless cups of tea whilst looking out the window saying 'It was bloody sunny this morning, what the hell happened?!'. So in light of the momentary heat wave I went on a man hunt for a summer wardrobe.



silk luxe

There's nothing like a little something silk to dress up an outfit, whether it's a neck tie or a cami, it makes you look effortlessly stylish. My most recent find was this dusty pink cami in New Look, I paired this with an equally as luxe feel silk trousers and a super casual oversized cardigan. I love mixing luxe with causal, it makes it so easy to jump from one scene to another, out of work and off to the cocktail bar with the girls without a last minute dash wardrobe change, which lets admit, normally results in sitting on the floor debating whether to just order pizza instead.



bouncing back

we've all been there, THAT shitty break up.

The days in bed, the refusing to move unless it was to get ANOTHER tub of Ben and Jerry's from the freezer, oh and then breaking down when you realise you've eaten all 4 tubs you only bought 2 days ago. It's a right of passage to go through your first break-up, but when you get out of that self termination rut, you feel like a #girlboss and by that point he's moving on to the Ben and Jerry's and watching Match of The Day alone, yeah you don't have us to watch your crappy football matches with anymore, bet you miss us asking about the offside rule as well. If I could help any gal to get over that lingering pain, I would and so I thought I'd run through some of things that I've discovered over the past years...



making choices for you

I've never been one to love the whole education environment, not because I was incapable of learning or that I was unintelligent but because I got so bored of having to sit in a room having someone talk at me for hours on end, I just wanted to go and actually DO. I think some of this frustration may have come from the fact everyone was made to learn things at school that you would never use in day to day life, I'm sure you've all heard the line about being so bloody happy knowing how to use Pythagoras theorem but having no fricking clue how to manage your finances or to even how to write an appealing CV.



Easy as 1, 2, 3...*

I've always loved Clinique as brand, whether it's because their products were the first I stole from my mum's draw at a young age or just because the quality of their products is so damn good. So when I had the opportunity to try out their 3 step range I obviously wasn't going to pass up, the routine consists of a liquid facial soap, a clarifying lotion and then a moisturiser in either a lotion, cream or gel formula depending on your skin type.



a Madrid Instagram diary.

I decided to make it my goal this year to try to go abroad to at least 3 different places, I am awful when it comes to impulse buying which then evidently leaves me with not a huge budget to plan to go away with. But this is all changing and a savings account has been created, hello yes I'm adulting.

Last month I visited Madrid, the city is beyond beautiful. You only have to stray a few streets away from the centre to find hidden wonders, houses of every colour under the sun, bars tucked away in corners, it's definitely a city made for exploring.



a london coffee shop - edit one - Fernandez & Wells

I adore independent coffee shops, don't get me wrong I love Starbucks/Nero on occasion but I will always opt for an independent over a large corporate chain. You get a personality in independents that you just don't get in chains, London is abundant is quirky, unique coffee shops, so I decided to start exploring.

First stop, Fernandez & Wells.

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