L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro / Edit Two

Taking your hair from one style to another can be enough of a struggle in itself, if you have super straight hair naturally (sleek straight style here) then like myself, you'll find maintaining curls can be such a hassle.



L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro / EDIT ONE

I'm all for trying new hair styles, I'm forever screenshotting and pinning hair styles that I want to try but obviously never actually get round to. I got my hands on the L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro range and figured this would be a THE best time to get my life together and pull together a few looks that I'd wanted to do for an age.



learning to be happy in your own skin

Starting this post of a little differently to normal, I recently really got in to watching KUWTK, like seriously addicted now. Prior to watching it I had the general opinion that they were just a fame hungry family, willing to do whatever they had to do in order to say stay in the media's eye. Needless to say since watching the series, my opinion has changed, drastically.



Tropical Vibes X ASOS WHITE

The weather in this country is as about as stable is Kim K losing her diamond earring in the ocean, so when the temperature reaches 20 degrees the entire population dresses as though they're about to step off the plane in Hawaii even though by the end of the day it'll be pouring with rain and we'll be Netflix bingeing with endless cups of tea whilst looking out the window saying 'It was bloody sunny this morning, what the hell happened?!'. So in light of the momentary heat wave I went on a man hunt for a summer wardrobe.



silk luxe

There's nothing like a little something silk to dress up an outfit, whether it's a neck tie or a cami, it makes you look effortlessly stylish. My most recent find was this dusty pink cami in New Look, I paired this with an equally as luxe feel silk trousers and a super casual oversized cardigan. I love mixing luxe with causal, it makes it so easy to jump from one scene to another, out of work and off to the cocktail bar with the girls without a last minute dash wardrobe change, which lets admit, normally results in sitting on the floor debating whether to just order pizza instead.



bouncing back

we've all been there, THAT shitty break up.

The days in bed, the refusing to move unless it was to get ANOTHER tub of Ben and Jerry's from the freezer, oh and then breaking down when you realise you've eaten all 4 tubs you only bought 2 days ago. It's a right of passage to go through your first break-up, but when you get out of that self termination rut, you feel like a #girlboss and by that point he's moving on to the Ben and Jerry's and watching Match of The Day alone, yeah you don't have us to watch your crappy football matches with anymore, bet you miss us asking about the offside rule as well. If I could help any gal to get over that lingering pain, I would and so I thought I'd run through some of things that I've discovered over the past years...

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