power dressing, feminine and strong.

Anyone who knows me knows that when I saw shoulder pads emerging from the high street stores this season I was guaranteed to lose my mind. I love a good statement suit, tailored blazers, clean cuts, I'm all over that. Looking across to the clothes rail opposite me at the moment and I can spy my favourite floral ensemble from Topshop earlier this year which I'm still absolutely obsessed with. The addition of shoulder pads to the strong cuts just stepped that game up one notch. I've always thought power dressing to be mainly linked to suits but I never realised how complimentary a power piece over something so utterly feminine could be. 

The dress in these photos is from Nobody's Child, it went in to the sale a few days after shooting this which of course, one, annoyed me because who wants to pay full price when you could've gotten it cheaper and two, I can't give you guys the link for it *begs for forgiveness* but I have seen a lot of similar styles floating around the stores at the moment so don't fret!. The jacket is a slightly different story, when the shoulder pads started to make their arrival late last year I found the most insane blazer in Zara which coincidentally ALSO went in to their most recent sale, but at the time it was £80 and I didn't feel like I could justify it (she says even though she most probably went on to spend more than that on cocktails and food that week, where is the common sense). I think the restraint mainly came because you never know how quickly trends come and go and I didn't want to be stuck with a rack full of padded shoulder pieces I wasn't going to get much wear out of.

So after a lot, probably too much pondering I decided I was going to take the plunge and just do it because I knew as a person I've always loved an over exaggerated silhouette so even if it was going to go out of trend, I'd still be wearing it for months to come. The price point of said blazer was still an issue in my head but after searching online for one I could justify I realised that *DUH* the majority of men's suit jackets have shoulder pads AND they're luxurious as hell... *but Beth, won't buying a mens suit jacket be just as expensive if not more so?!..* I totally feel that however if you know where you're looking then you'll be saving rather than splurging. Don't underestimate your local charity shops, without fail whenever I go in to any of my locals I'm greeted by an array of different designs and patterned jackets, you've got to spend some time getting the size right because you don't want to look like you're drowning in material but if you can find a good fit then you're on to a winner. 

I think people still way underestimate local charity shops, the straw bag in my previous post ALSO came from the same place. A given, you're not always going to stumble upon those 'WOW' pieces but damn, it's so satisfying when you do, especially when you're shaving off 90% of how much you would pay for it elsewhere. 

The cherry on top of power dressing is getting to whip up an striking and equally as strong hair and make up look, I tend to opt for a sleeked back pony with a super bold lip. Don't be shy when it comes to these choices, I'm telling you now there is no better feeling than having your hair and makeup bold and beautiful to compliment what you're wearing and walking out of the house feeling empowered.


- find what appeals to you, power dressing is no good if you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing.
- don't forget to accessorise to accentuate, pulling in a top heavy silhouette padded shoulders with a belted waist is DREAMY.
- match the outfit with the attitude and you're good to go. 

Power dressing does the world of good, it can give you that boost of confidence and drive on those days where you really need just that little extra somethin' somethin'. 



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