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The fashion world as a whole is super intimidating, the first time I picked up Vogue and started flicking through the pages my immediate thoughts were 'oh my god, I know nothing about fashion'. I'd been interested in fashion and illustrating for quite a few years at this point; but there is so much you have to learn, I truly don't think there is anyone in fashion that can say they know every in and out, every designer and trend that's even been, okay so maybe Anna Wintour or Karl but they're at the top of their game so surely that's to be expected. 

The more you research the fashion industry, the more areas you become aware of, it's like an continuously evolving black hole of luxury. It's extremely enticing and once you start delving in to it, there's no turning back. At the same time, it's extremely daunting, I jumped in and out of creative/fashion related careers purely because the prospect of taking a proper step in to it scared the hell out of me. I can definitely relate when it comes to struggling to find your place, because it seems like every corner you turn, another 10 paths you never even knew existed pop up out of the blue, leaving you again more confused than ever.

Don't be discouraged.

You may start along one career path and then find that you're really not enjoying it, it doesn't mean you don't have a place in the fashion industry, it just means the one you chose, isn't the right one for you. If it's possible I highly recommend doing internships before choosing what aspect you focus on, it gives you an outsiders basic view of a role before taking it full throttle. Obviously if you're not able to go in to Internships, then read up online on different areas/people who work in those areas, there are tonnes of interviews from notable fashion gurus that can give you an insight, it's really worth the research.

Don't get ahead of yourself.

No one likes a know it all, and you're never going to 'know it all' when you're first starting out so don't come across as arrogant and unappreciative, the chances are if you apply for a job in the industry, you'll be up against 100's of other candidates all wanting the same role, the fashion industry is one of the most competitive in the world. When you're starting from the bottom you need to be willing to learn, which means 'listening to' instead of 'talking at'. Be the person with can do and will do attitude rather than the 'I can do it already.' This doesn't mean not being confident in yourself and your abilities, just be willing to take a back seat view and learn first.

Devotion & Learning.

Read, read and read whilst your on the tube too, whether it's magazines or blogs, the more you know about different industry aspects, people and just what's going down in fashion general, the more informed you'll be when you make decisions. Devote as much time as you can to developing your knowledge, there will be the day where your manager talks about such and such designer and the theme behind their latest collection and the amount of relief that will flood you when you realise you know damn well what the theme was AND you know where the inspiration came from.


If you ever get the chance to go to a press launch, after work drinks, general events, take it and go prepared. You can never have too many contacts in your phone book, someone you meet now may be the person that offers you the life changing opportunity later down the line so make the time you have at the event, worth it. The first event I went to I was so bloody nervous, like 'I'm going to hide in the corner, IG my drink and do my best to avoid making eye contact with everyone'. Which is the complete opposite of who I am now, it takes time to build up the confidence to go up to complete strangers and mingle, which is why my drink lasted two minutes. One drink is harmless (when I say one, I really do advise just the one because you don't want to be the person that gets compared to 'the Bridget Jones office karaoke fiasco') they're often handed out at events anyway, so have a glass of prosecco in hand and you'll find yourself gliding through it with grace..

..and finally, don't give up easily. When you're starting out, you'll be able to find a million and one reasons every day why you won't make it or you won't get there but you'll only be regretting the decision 2 years down the line when you're still lusting after the same career and having to start from scratch, that's coming from personal experience, get at it and stick at it and you'll do just fine.

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Photos by Lydia Collins


  1. I'm so in love with your blog, it's gorgeous! Loving your aesthetic, your photos are so good.
    This outfit is so classy and pretty, and the boots are a cool touch. Have a good week! x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    1. Thanks girl! sorry for replying so late, my comment notifs haven't been coming through! have a great week lovely! X

  2. Photos are so good. Nice sunglasses.



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