shooting with Lin&Lo

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind Lin&Lo for a shoot featuring their products over in Notting Hill. I'd actually only heard of Lin&Lo recently but everything I had heard had been great and so I just wanted to fill you guys in the shoot, the products we used and the ones I loved!



a valentines note of honesty

I think we're all guilty of comparing aspects of our lives, whether it's 'oh she has nicer hair than me' to 'their relationship seems so much more amazing than ours' but notice that word? "seems". It's so easy to forget that what's posted online isn't always the truth, it can just be a rose tinted filter that's making it seem 100 times better than it is in reality. But this can drive us to find faults with ourselves, within our relationships, that aren't even there, you start thinking that your relationship is worth less and needs to change because it doesn't measure up to what others seem to have.



let's talk skincare // Indeed Labs

About three of four weeks ago I went for brunch with the lovely founders of Indeed labs, Dia & Dimitra, and also a few other lovely blogging ladies over at the Bronte over by Trafagar Square. As we all know, the beauty market is so heavily saturated and so it can be hard to find products that genuinely do what they say on the label, as much as most of us wouldn't like to admit, we tend to fall for the heavy marketing and 'oh my god Kendall Jenner is the face of this product line, I must have it', *raises hand* I'm Beth, and I am a sales persons dream.
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