Autumnal Lipstick Crushes

I'm definitely a lipstick gal, they probably take up 75% of my make up colection and I'll be the first to admit it's getting a little out of hand, but there's nothing like a lipstick to take you from feeling 'alright' to 'damn fabulous'. The majority of people seem to opt for the berry shades this time of year, whilst I love that look on others, I'm not such a fan of it on me unless I'm really committing to a vampy look and so my go to's for this time of year are the more pumpkin, rust and nudes, which also works well if you're looking for something a little softer but still autumnal.


My absolute love - NARS - Morocco

If I ever lost this I genuinely think I would cry a river, and then buy 5 more just for back ups in the future. It's the most beautiful rust tone, it's my go to when I want a bold colour with a soft tone to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the statement red but it's not my easy choice so this baby is my ride or die.

The pink nude shades - Clinique Pop Matte - Blushing Pop & Peony Pop.

The formula for these is so creamy and the overall result is pretty damn pigmented, they also have a primer built in so the lasting time is fab. Blushing Pop is the darker shade which I abso love but Peony Pop is my go to for an easy colour in the mornings!

The pumpkin with a bit of sparkle - MAC - Frost Meltdown

I tend to reach for the more rust tones in the autumn over the deep purples, this is my second, less statement orange toned lipstick. As it's from MACs frost range it has an undertone of sparkle in the formula, which is even more fitting for this time of year because if there was a time for sparkles, it's now...YAS GIRL SPARKLE.

The darker toned pink - Mac Satin - Brave

This is my deep pink pretty much for all year round, it's a staple in my collection. This was my alternative when Velvet Teddy sold out EVERYWHERE, thanks for that Ky J..and it now gets used more anyway! It's a really dusky pink tone which fits with my overly pale complexion, and MACs formulas have always been a love for me so this one won't being going anywhere anytime soon.

I'm forever on the lookout for new additions to my lipsticks (cough, I have a problem) so shoot me over any products you're loving at the moment! If you know of any rusty colours then help a girl out over here because I think my friends may be over me wearing Morocco 24/7...


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